Chiropractic and Osteopathic techniques combine to get exceptional results

If you are looking for a professional in deep tissue and joint alignment to resolve your musculoskeletal complaint, The Muscle Joint is who you need to call. Whether you prefer a Chiropractor an Osteopath for chronic or acute conditions we offer a unique style of treatment using professionals that cover techniques from both disciplines. Strong emphasis on diagnosis as a thorough initial focus is crucial to successfully and permanently resolving structural imbalances in the body. Taking a global perspective in terms of the musculoskeletal analysis of your structure requires examination from head to toe. We combine specific Osteopathic and Chiropractic techniques to get your biomechanics back in strong balance.

Olympic athletes and Professional Endurance sports athletes frequent our clinics – because they know the great results we help them to achieve. Full Biomechanics corrected from head to feet – makes an enormous difference to your performance and your ability to be efficient with movement and energy.

Specialist treatments resolving nerve issues and joint misplacement work together with neuromuscular and other effective soft tissue release techniques to bring the body back to maintaining its correct structure – flexible, with full range of movement and pain free. Always the complete expectation of the practitioner at The Muscle Joint that all patients regardless of condition are designed to be well – this understanding is essential in delivering our premium results.

A detailed diagnosis, understanding history, review of previous imaging / xrays, history, together with an understanding of what other forms of treatment you have received is extremely valuable in forming an overall picture of your condition.

Equally important is how your body moves both locally and generally, and detecting any restrictions/asymmetry from any point in the body, which may cause or contribute to your condition.

Once this information is gathered, treatment is commenced (same initial consult) and consists of a combination of soft tissue release and joint re-alignment. Exercises and nutritional supplements may also be prescribed depending on your condition to support faster results.

Period to recovery is estimated and a treatment plan is given at the end of the consult. Restoring the body to a pain free state is the normal expectation and to make full recovery within a short time-frame.

Subtle changes in one’s musculoskeletal structure early on in life – through the joints and surrounding muscular/soft tissue continually moving – can and often become significant problems later in life. Its absolutely essential to have one’s structure at least annually checked to maintain a sound, long-term and healthy musculoskeletal framework.

JOHN GIBSON, CHIROPRACTIC SPORTS PHYSICIAN… “experience and intention really do create refinement of skill and a layered understanding of the body’s structural and soft tissue imbalances through skilled palpation…Producing consistent permanent results you can count on, is my reward! ” ….



Book today for your treatment , get your condition or injury resolved, your body back in alignment, energised and ready to GO!

ACC cover is provided for all ACC covered injuries. No GP referral is required before treatment or for Xray referral. See the About section for further details on my approach in fully restoring the body’s structural health.

For your  appointment telephone us at The Muscle Joint, central High Street – upstairs Gables Arcade, Rangiora 03 313 0111  or  Brownston St, Wanaka 03 443 6460

Treatment Pricing  (standard includes deep tissue component each treatment)

ACC  CONSULTATION             

Adult ACC          $55.00

Child  ACC          $20.00    [under 15 yrs ]


Adult Private        $85.00

Child Private        $40.00





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