Deeper analysis for premium results.  

If you are looking for a specialist in deep tissue and joint alignment for all musculoskeletal complaints, The Muscle Joint is who you need to call. Emphasis on diagnosis as a thorough initial focus is crucial to successfully and permanently resolving structural imbalances in the body. Taking a global perspective in terms of musculoskeletal analysis of your structure requires examination from head to toe.

Specialist treatments resolving nerve issues and joint misplacement work together with neuromuscular and other effective soft tissue release techniques to bring the body back to maintaining its correct structure – flexible, with full range of movement and pain free. Always the complete expectation of the practitioner at The Muscle Joint that all patients regardless of condition are designed to be well – this understanding is essential in delivering our premium results.

ACC cover is provided for all ACC covered injuries. No GP referral is required before treatment or for Xray referral. See the About section for further details on my approach in fully restoring the body’s structural health.

For your  appointment telephone us at The Muscle Joint, central High Street – upstairs Gables Arcade, Rangiora 03 313 0111  or  Brownston St, Wanaka 03 443 6460 

Subtle changes in one’s musculoskeletal structure early on in life – through the joints and surrounding muscular/soft tissue continually moving – can and often become significant problems later in life. Its absolutely essential to have one’s structure at least annually checked to maintain a sound, long-term and healthy musculoskeletal framework. 

JOHN GIBSON, CHIROPRACTIC PHYSICIAN … “experience and intention really do create refinement of skill and a layered understanding of the body’s structural imbalances through palpation…producing consistent permanent results you can count on is my reward! ” ….



Lengthy effective consults at affordable prices are a feature of the clinics – as time spent on proper analysis and diagnosis together with skilled treatments in both muscular and joint alignment is essential for the entire body to return to a structurally sound and balanced state. 

Book today for your treatment, for premium results – from an experienced and skilled Chiropractic Physician in the NORTH CANTERBURY & WANAKA region.


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